Who I Follow

To help you find some trustworthy information sources within the Exercise & Sport Science and Strength & Conditioning areas I wanted to share a few people and groups that I follow. I will group them under different areas – however, some would fit across multiple areas but have been listed under only one major area.

I will link to Facebook pages, ResearchGate profiles or other websites – whichever is most appropriate (please let me know if any links are broken). You can also search for them online to find more of their work.

I will likely add to this list, as I have probably missed some!

So, in no particular order…

Graduating with Eric

Exercise & Sport Science Research:
Dr Eric Helms

Dr Brad Schoenfeld
Dr Dan Baker
Dr Greg Haff
Dr Yan Le Meur
Dr Andy Galpin
MASS (Monthly Applications in Strength Sport)
Science for Sport
Strength and Conditioning Research by Chris Beardsley
EM- Sport Science

Strength Coaches:
Mike Tuchscherer
Bryce Lewis
Mark Bell
California Strength
Catalyst Athletics
Juggernaut Training Systems
3D Muscle Journey

Mike T and Team RTS at the 2013 IPF Raw Worlds

Nutrition Research:
Dr Louise Burke
Dr Jose Antonio

Dr Asker Jeukendrup
Dr Layne Norton
Cliff Harvey

My PhD Supervisors:
Prof. Mike McGuigan
A/Prof. Justin Keogh
Dr Matthew Barnes

There is my list. Although fairly comprehensive, I may have missed some. If I remember others, or begin to follow another person/page, I will add it to the list.

If you think I have missed a page or person who is valuable to follow, then let me know – I am always interested in learning of other sources of quality information in the area!




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